This course focuses on developing the skills needed to lead and manage teams in a culturally diverse environment.

  1. Introduction to Cross-Cultural Leadership
    • Definition of cross-cultural leadership
    • Understanding the benefits of cross-cultural leadership
    • The impact of culture on leadership and management
  2. Cultural Intelligence
    • Understanding culture and cultural differences
    • Developing cultural awareness and sensitivity
    • Building cultural intelligence skills
  3. Effective Communication
    • Developing effective communication skills in a cross-cultural environment
    • Nonverbal communication and cultural cues
    • Building rapport and trust across cultures
  4. Building Relationships Across Cultures
    • Developing cross-cultural relationships
    • Overcoming cross-cultural barriers
    • Building trust across cultures
  5. Managing Diversity and Inclusion
    • Understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Managing diversity and inclusion in the workplace
    • Addressing unconscious bias and microaggressions
  6. Conflict Resolution
    • Managing conflict in a cross-cultural environment
    • Resolving conflicts and managing difficult conversations
    • Building a culture of conflict resolution
  7. Cross-Cultural Team Management
    • Building and managing cross-cultural teams
    • Developing cross-cultural team cohesion
    • Evaluating and managing cross-cultural team performance
  8. Leading and Managing Change in a Cross-Cultural Environment
    • Communicating the need for change across cultures
    • Managing resistance to change across cultures
    • Leading and managing change during implementation in a cross-cultural environment


Dr Adetunji Adegbesan
(Founder & CEO, Gidi Mobile)


25% Offline, 75% Online

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