This course is designed to explore the intersection between ethics and leadership, and to provide leaders with the skills needed to make ethical decisions and create a culture of ethical behavior.

  1. Introduction to Ethics and Leadership:
    • Understanding ethics and leadership
    • The importance of ethical leadership
    • Ethical challenges faced by leaders
  2. Ethical Theories and Frameworks
    • Utilitarianism
    • Deontology
    • Virtue ethics
    • Other ethical theories and frameworks
  3. Creating a Culture of Ethics
    • Setting an ethical tone at the top
    • Creating and communicating ethical policies and procedures
    • Encouraging ethical behavior and reporting unethical behavior
  4. Making Ethical Decisions
    • The decision-making process
    • Identifying and addressing ethical dilemmas
    • Applying ethical frameworks to decision-making
  5. Balancing Ethical and Business Considerations
    • Balancing the interests of stakeholders
    • Addressing conflicts of interest
    • Responding to ethical and legal requirements
  6. Ethical Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • The role of ethical leadership in corporate social responsibility
    • Sustainable and responsible business practices
    • Addressing social and environmental issues
  7. Managing Ethical Risks
    • Identifying and assessing ethical risks
    • Developing risk management strategies
    • Building an ethical risk management framework
  8. Evaluating Ethical Leadership
    • Evaluating ethical leadership performance
    • Gathering and analyzing feedback
    • Identifying areas for improvement


Dr Adetunji Adegbesan
(Founder & CEO, Gidi Mobile)


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