This course focuses on the skills needed to lead and manage change within an organization.

  1. Introduction to Change Management
    • Definition of change management
    • Understanding the types of organizational change
    • The role of change management in organizational success
  2. Change Management Models and Frameworks
    • Lewin’s Change Management Model
    • Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model
    • Bridges’ Transition Model
    • ADKAR Model
  3. Building a Change Management Strategy
    • Conducting a change readiness assessment
    • Developing a change management plan
    • Creating a communication plan
  4. Leading and Communicating Change
    • Communicating the need for change
    • Communicating during change
    • Addressing resistance to change
  5. Managing Stakeholders
    • Identifying stakeholders
    • Developing a stakeholder engagement plan
    • Managing stakeholder expectations
  6. Project Management
    • Overview of project management principles
    • Project planning and execution
    • Project risk management
  7. Metrics and Measurement
    • Defining success metrics
    • Measuring change impact
    • Evaluating change management effectiveness
  8. Sustaining Change
    • Creating a change sustainment plan
    • Developing a culture of continuous improvement
    • Incorporating feedback into future change initiatives


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(Partner, PwC)


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