This course is designed to help leaders develop the skills needed to build, manage and lead high-performing teams.

  1. Introduction to Leading High-Performing Teams
    • Definition of high-performing teams
    • Understanding the benefits of high-performing teams
    • The role of team leaders in building high-performing teams
  2. Building a High-Performing Team
    • Identifying team roles and responsibilities
    • Developing team goals and objectives
    • Creating a team culture of excellence
  3. Effective Communication
    • Developing effective communication skills
    • Active listening and feedback
    • Building rapport and trust
  4. Team Building and Collaboration
    • Developing team cohesion
    • Encouraging collaboration and teamwork
    • Resolving conflicts and managing difficult conversations
  5. Talent Management
    • Recruiting and selecting team members
    • Developing team members’ skills and competencies
    • Evaluating and managing team performance
  6. Leading Change
    • Communicating the need for change
    • Managing resistance to change
    • Leading and managing change during implementation
  7. Emotional Intelligence
    • Understanding emotions and their impact on team dynamics
    • Developing emotional intelligence skills
    • Building and managing relationships within the team
  8. Continuous Improvement
    • Creating a culture of continuous improvement
    • Identifying and addressing team weaknesses
    • Encouraging innovation and creative problem-solving


Dr Adetunji Adegbesan
(Founder & CEO, Gidi Mobile)


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