This course focuses on the skills needed to develop and implement effective organizational strategies.

  1. Introduction to Strategic Leadership
    • Definition of strategic leadership
    • Understanding the strategic management process
    • The importance of strategic leadership in organizational success
  2. Strategic Analysis
    • Conducting a SWOT analysis
    • Analyzing industry trends and competitive forces
    • Identifying strategic opportunities and threats
  3. Strategic Planning
    • Developing a mission and vision statement
    • Setting organizational goals and objectives
    • Developing a strategic plan
  4. Resource Allocation
    • Allocating financial and human resources
    • Identifying and managing risks
    • Evaluating resource allocation effectiveness
  5. Strategy Implementation
    • Developing an implementation plan
    • Leading and managing change during implementation
    • Evaluating implementation effectiveness
  6. Performance Measurement
    • Defining success metrics
    • Measuring and monitoring performance
    • Adjusting strategies based on performance results
  7. Leadership in a Global Context
    • Understanding global leadership challenges
    • Leading and managing in a global context
    • Developing a global mindset
  8. Innovation and Creativity
    • Encouraging innovation and creativity
    • Creating a culture of innovation
    • Identifying and implementing innovative solutions


Dr Adetunji Adegbesan
(Founder & CEO, Gidi Mobile)


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